A non-profit design studio under the cloak of a german association - not for your distinction e.V. is a conglomerate of young designers and change-makers who use creative work and design methods for projects which attempt to better the world around them. The purpose of the association is the organisation, financing and implementation of humanitarian aid initiatives and projects. Not for your distinction e.V. realises projects which enable people in need, victims of naturally caused or human-made disasters, and refugees to find creative solutions to improve their living conditions. The participation in a creative process and by that, the self-empowerment of making something on your own has a hugely positive psychological impact. Allowing people to improve their situations physically and quickly, with their own minds and hands has a direct effect on the individual. Being a maker wipes off the stigma of being passive or helpless and offers caring individuals, brilliant minds, and hard-working hands new opportunities.

As a young design studio, we want to offer other creative people the opportunity to implement their charitable projects. We ourselves had to make great efforts to build the legal structures to realise our projects. To make this easier for others, we established the association as an umbrella organisation for future projects. So if you have a great idea and struggle with legal obstacles, don’t hesitate to contact us.